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College Students

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Business owners

Online SMO Course Gives Skyrocket Growth to your business. If you don’t Digitalize your Business, your competitor will.

Working Professional

7/10 working professionals are not happy with their 9-5 job. SMO Course can give you freedom through freelancing.


SMO gives you an opportunity to work from home and maintain balance with your Personal and Professionals life.

Carrier Switchers

If you are looking for a high-paying, high-demand job. Then SMO is best for you. Kickstart your SMO Course journey today.

Job Seekers

To get a job college Degree does not matter, But Skills do. Get your first job after Online SMO Course From Kashiv DigiTechs.

Why do people choose us For SMO Course

15000+ students choose us over the regular SMO Institute in Delhi and Start their careers in reputed companies.

Curriculum of Our SMO Course

  • What is social media marketing?
  • Importance of social media for business
  • Choosing the right platform for marketing
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Working of Facebook Ads
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Objectives of Facebook Ads
  • Audience and Targeting Optimization
  • Placement Options in Facebook ads
  • Ad copies and Copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization for Relevancy
  • Buyer Persona
  • Understanding Advanced Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Tracking Options
  • Spying Competitors
  • Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing
  • Running All Objective Ads
  • Running Video Ads
  • Running Dynamic Ads
  • Strategies for Facebook Ads
  • Retargeting and Remarketing Ads
  • Lead Generation & Funnels
  • Reporting for Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Facebook Scaling Models and Strategies
  • How to Get Clients for Facebook Ads?
  • Different Facebook Marketing Tools
    • Instagram Profile Creation
    • Profile Customization
    • Best Practices for Instagram Posts
    • Instagram Growth Strategy
    • Importance of Hashtags
    • Working of Instagram Algorithm
    • Running Ads on Instagram
    • Case Studies
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Best Practices for Profile Setup
  • Best Practices for Posts
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Facebook vs LinkedIn Advertising
  • LinkedIn Ad Objectives
  • LinkedIn Ad Formats
  • Scheduling Options
  • Billing Account Setup
  • Practical- LinkedIn Ad Creation
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Working of Twitter Algorithm work
  • How do Businesses Use Twitter?
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Billing & Account Setup
  • Types of Twitter Ads
  • Audience Bidding, Budgets, and Creatives
  • Case Studies
  • Introduction to Quora
  • Working of Quora Algorithm
  • Quora Profile Best Practices
  • Building Quora Profile
  • Answering Questions Perfectly
  • Quora Traffic Building Strategie
  • Types of Quora Ads
  • Live Case Studies
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Brand Building on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Content Strategy
  • How to Drive Engagement?
  • Optimizing Profile and Best Practices
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Analytics, Measurement Tools, and Ads
    • Social Platforms & Supported Content
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Content Strategies According to Platform
    • Power of Organic Reach
    • Facebook Page/Profile optimization
    • Lead Generation Organically
    • Using Chatbots for SMO
    • Tools for SMO & Post Scheduling
    • Creating Social Media Calendar
    • Client/Agency for Social Media
    • Tools for Social Content Creation
    • Algorithms of Social Media Platforms
    • Rule of Consistency on Social Media
    • Tools for Content Ideas
    • Social Media Best Practices
    • Influencer Marketing
    • SMO Report Creation

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Social Media Training Course FAQ

Social media marketing is a part of digital or internet marketing where marketers leverage social media platforms to promote their products or services. It aims to produce and distribute content that can engage users and compel them. This helps in increasing brand exposure and improving customer reach.

There are around 3 billion social media users, and almost every individual is familiar with some sort of social media portal. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become a huge part of our lives and hold the power to influence everything, from buying decisions to lifestyle.

People often use them to connect with people, but businesses leverage these platforms to promote their brands and increase revenue. Social media marketing course in Jaipur helps you understand the nuances of promoting a business online. You learn to build effective strategies to reach new audiences through multiple platforms.

Anyone planning to make a career in online marketing must possess social media marketing skills. The course also helps you become proficient in organisation and communication skills, data analysis, and creativity.

A professional social media marketer is expected to:

  • Plan, create, and execute social media strategies
  • Define social media KPIs
  • Run successful social media campaigns
  • Create engaging social media content
  • Run ads on social media platforms

With an increasing number of social media users, social media marketing has become crucial for business success. Companies rely on social media marketers and online platforms to reach target customers and connect with them. Hence, they hire proficient candidates with solid knowledge of social media marketing channels to create their promotional campaigns.

You don’t need any specific academic background or professional expertise to learn social media marketing. Our course is for all interested candidates, whether they are freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, freshers, or working professionals.

We have curated a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum that covers all the basic and advanced topics, including:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing

Upon completing the course, you will master social media marketing, its advanced tools, and effective techniques. You will learn to leverage different social media platforms to promote brands and businesses.

Moreover, you will know how to identify social media influencers and proficients within different communities who can help you attain your promotional goals. You will also be able to develop efficient strategies and content to engage target users and track your progress through real-time analytics.

Our social media marketing course in Jaipur spans —---, during which you will work on various live projects, attend doubt-clearing sessions, and get job assistance.

Kashiv DigiTechs is known for offering the best social media marketing course at a budget-friendly price. The fee for our course is —-.

Yes, after completing our SMM course in Delhi, you will receive Kashiv DigiTechs professional certificate that will make your resume stand out and get the attention of recruiters.